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Tylan Paige burst onto the music scene earlier this year with a sound all his own and described by music industry insiders as soulful R&B with a hint of trap. His music is reflective and  has broad appeal to younger and more mature audiences. The straight A student is also the star basketball player at his high school and has demonstrated strong leadership abilities as valedictorian of his middle school class. Tylan was born and raised in Washington, DC., known for turning out major music industry giants and its love for the artist community. Tylan grew up singing in the church and discovered he had a unique ability to captivate people through his music.

Although Tylan Paige is young he has been very methodical and intentional about the music he puts into the atmosphere. He is eager to learn how to elevate his craft and wants to collaborate with musicians that not only share his passion, but that he can learn from. Unlike many artists who struggle to find their identity, Tylan seems to possess an innate sense of self and purpose through his music. He has an  eclectic and diverse combination of musical influences that has undoubtedly molded him into the performing artist he is today. He gives credit to musical geniuses such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Boys 2 Men, Ne-yo, and admits that old school music has played a significant role in defining his sound.